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Hey everyone! Figured I'd make a quick post on here to talk a bit about Build 4. You can get updates more frequently on our Patreon but it's still important to let the non-patrons in sometimes as well.

Progress so far is going well! We're aiming for an end of year/early January release should things go well. There'll be tons of new art, music, and writing for you all to look forward to. If you haven't seen it already, we posted some lovely promo art here on our Twitter with some glimpses of upcoming characters. Build 4 is what we want to be our big build that will put us on the map and get more people to give us a shot so when it releases please share it to everyone you know and get them to check it out. We're putting our all into it for everyone to enjoy so we hope you all do.

Additionally, there are a few things I wanted to clarify in regards to what I've seen people say. The first is that One Last Night is its own separate entity away from the Project Newmoon label. We are partnered groups that share members there and with ER, but are not under their label. The second is that the Faded are not zombies. I've got nothing against zombie apocalypses, but my goal was to create a monster apocalypse. If you've seen the webcomic Sweet Home, think of it like that.

Anyways, that about summarizes everything I wanted to update everyone on. So thank you all so much for the support you all show us, we appreciate immensely. We hope you stick with us on this journey cause it's sure to be a great one. See you all later!

- Mash & the OLN team

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Thank you! I look forward to it!