OLN Quality of Life Patreon Release

The team is now proud to present to you all our Quality of Life update! This update serves to add a bunch of new things as well as to bring our story up to a quality we feel more satisfied with. There are still a few things that will be added before public but for now, we have (in no particular order):

  • Revised and edited first two builds: Our editor Ion has had the chance to review our first two builds to edit and revise them in a way that keeps up with our updated writing quality. This also serves to adjust the tone of the story and descriptions of Xavier, fixes typos, duplicated words, and run-on-sentences, heightens dramatics at key moments, clarifies phrases, adjusts punctuation, and adds some more flavor text. (Build 3 will be included in public version)
  • Additional CGs: New CGs have been added to the story! This includes a new opening cg with Marshall and several new Xavier cgs in our main story.
  • Music Room: Listen to our tracks made by Greyson and some other royalty free songs we have until they're replaced! Whichever you listen to will also play as you navigate our main menu. (A custom background will be added upon public release)
  • Xavier Sprite Revamp: As the story has gone on, we've experimented with our style and now Xavier's sprites serve to reflect that change. Basically, he's cuter than ever! We've also changed what was originally a scarf to a bandana that lets it stand out more.
  • Arc Selection: Upon starting the game, you can now choose where you want to pick up the story based on the arcs! Right now you can choose between Welcome to the Apocalypse and Captured, and as we continue to release our story this will update to include the selection of future arcs.
  • 18+ Warning: Just above our UI box, a small symbol will appear whenever something NSFW is about to be shown. This is in hopes to make the lives of streamers and YouTubers a bit easier and be inclusive to those who might read in public or prefer to be aware of NSFW ahead of time while not diverting attention away from the overall experience.
  • Haven Logo: A drawing displaying the Haven logo has been added to the first build so players can see the design proper!
  • Lost Entries: Our short story collection, dubbed Lost Entries, makes its official debut! We start off with the tale of Birthday, a story that follows Xavier as he celebrates his 22nd birthday in the bunker. It contains 3600+ words, two new cgs (one with a variation), introduces two special characters, and has four custom backgrounds made by the creator of A Fall From Grace, Alex! (Public build will include sound effects and finished backgrounds, sketches remain in their place temporarily.) Future stories can be voted on by subscribing to our $5 tier, like this one was!

That about summarizes everything we have to offer to you all with this! We've worked long and hard and will continue to try our best to bring you all the quality content you deserve. If you want to view before the public release, you can subscribe to our Patreon here! Thank all of you so much for your support and enjoy! 

- The OLN Team

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Hey cool to hear about these new updates. I was curious uh when I click "Launch" after the update. I'm given a few options of the game to start: (shown in pic) does it matter which one I choose?


Hey there! So I showed this to our coder and they have  apparently never seen something like this happen. Their best guess is that it's a bug from having an older copy of the game installed and to try deleting all other versions and reinstalling the current one as there should only be two .exe files there. Hope this helps and if you have a Discord, the quickest way to find fixes to things like this would be to report it in our server. Thanks for your support and all the videos you've made btw!

Oh okay then, that's weird. I do have  a pretty old laptop by most gaming standards so I wouldn't be surprised if it gave me an old version of the game. (Not sure if that's how it works I'm not the best with all this new technology lol)

But I'll give it a shot, though I'm scared to delete my current progress if I start deleting stuff. But! I also want to see all the new art haha so It's worth trying. I remember the choices I made anyways~ Thanks for the help!
And the kind words haha really glad you guys don't mind! You're really welcome ^v^

Uninstalling it and re-installing it seemed to work! Thank you~! Didn't lose any saved progress either, sweet~~

Glad we could help!

Cool know i can't wait for biuld 5 😋